A few months ago I started an interesting project. I asked a few role players friends to send me a story about a special character that they played. After I got all the stories I choose seven (each for quite a different reason) and bound them all in one file.

So, if you would like to be one of the guests at the tavern, listening to the old tales told by the fireplace, feel free to download the attached  file and read:

Probable Characters 2010

I’d love to get any Ideas, constructive criticism or wild cries of enthusiasm.

סיכום שנת 2022

זה דבר קשה לסכם שנה, אבל זה חשוב. זה חשוב כדי להזכיר לך את כל הדברים שכן הצלחת לעשות וכדי להזכיר לך מהם הדברים שאתה