chili chocolate fudge to support zach braff kickstarter

Chili Chocolate Fudge (Zach Braff Kickstarter)

Hi Zach,

My name is Uri Lifshitz, an actor, role-player and all round super geek (that’s me below on the right!) next to me is Keren Lin (She’s one of Israel best Cosplayers). We know how hard it is to finance a movie using crowdsourcing like you do for “Wish I Wes Here” on Kickstarter, We’re trying to finance a small budget film of our own titled “The Last Shepherd” Using Mimoona (the Israeli version of Kickstarter). So far it’s going great,  thanks for asking.

We’re both fans of yours since “Scrubs” and “Garden State” and we were wondering how we could help you in your Kickstarter project besides pledging money (as we already did).

We thought about it and came to the following conclusion: we will translate, make and share this Chili Chocolate Fudge recipe in order to raise awareness for your movie campaign! Yes, definitely the best way to show people that sharing is caring.

You’re welcome. No need to get all mushy, we’re all grownups here, and we’re doing this because we have faith in you and your project. After you try this recipe for yourself you can focus on the movie and after its screening – drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share a slice with you.

This is us:

image image

…and this is the recipe:

Chili Chocolate Fudge

Fair warning, this will make you drool.


400gr Dark Chocolate

125gr butter

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1 pinch of salt

1 cup of cream

1/2 teaspoon of grounded chili

5 eggs

2 spoonful of white flour


What to do?

Break all the chocolate to little debris of dark glory.

Warm the oven to 150 degrees Centigrade.

Prepare a Bain Marie (that’s fancy talk to filling a pot with water and putting a smaller pot in it) and put  the chocolate into the smaller pot with the butter, cream and sugar.

image image image

Turn the heat on and constantly mix the mixture. Make sure the chocolate doesn’t lose its luster or start to burn. Once you reach a smooth mixture, turn the heat off and add the salt and chili.


Let it cool while you take another bowl. Break the eggs into the new bowl and mix thoroughly while adding the flourgradually.


OK, now add the melted chocolate (again gradually) to the eggs and flour mix.


Pour the chocolate goodness into a small English cake baking tray and place it into a bigger tray with water in it. This water will create a humid environment that’ll keep the fudge texture delicate.


Bake in 150 degrees Centigrade for an hour. The fudge should stay soft but firm.

Take this time to lick all the utensils clean of the chocolate – Hay! This is a taught job but someone has to do it!

image image

Now spend the rest of the hour to choose a Kickstarter project and support it (We already supported Zach’s movie “Wish I Was Here“, so we watched Legend of Korra instead. BTW, Keren did an amazing Cosplay of Korra)

OK, enough distractions! After an hour – take the fudge out of the oven and let it cool. OK, you can eat the fudge immediately as a warm reminder of heaven or put it in the fridge and eat it cold.


Bon Appetite!

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chili chocolate fudge to support zach braff kickstarter

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