A Hymn for Hyacinth (פזמון ליקינתון, מאת לאה גולדברג)

Lyrics: Lea Goldberg (לאה גולדברג)

Translation: Uri Lifshitz (אורי ליפשיץ)


Night by night watches the moon,

at the garden flowers bloom,

at the Hyacinth buds, in our tiny garden,

night by night watches the moon.


And the moon says to the clouds

give a drop more to the garden grounds,

let the Hyacinth bloom in our tiny garden

so says the moon to the clouds.


Came the rain and in my window rang

for the flower in my garden a merry song it sang

and the Hyacinth answered in joy and merriment

to the downpour that on my window rang


And tomorrow to the garden we will all go

and there see the flower white as snow,

honoring the Hyacinth, my son will sing the hymn

and great joy will be had in the garden.

A Hymn for Hyacinth (פזמון ליקינתון, מאת לאה גולדברג)

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