Uri Lifshitz

Hi, I’m Uri. this is a list of some of the stuff I did in the context of roleplaying games.


On the Shoulders of Dwarves (English Edition). 2018-2020

On the Shoulders of Dwarves (Hebrew Edition). 2013-2017

Published Content

This list includes only fully professional work published for purchase. 

Star Crossed Curses. Enter Verona and Investigate what caused the Capulet mansion to sink underground and become a cursed hellscape. This adventure is designed for characters around the 4th-6th level. 


In Those Days, at This Time (Hebrew). Roleplaying system and setting for exploring the Maccabim revolt as celebrated in Chanukah. 


Rolling With Laughter. a high fantasy adventure but it is also a guide meant to show you, the GM, what turns an adventure into a comedy adventure. Each scene contains an explanation of its narrative purpose, a list of the comedic devices that are used to set up comedic moments and the expected outcome of the scene so you could easily improvise and build on any development while having an endpoint to aim to. 


Escaping Thalamus’s Lab. ETL is a reverse dungeon crawl, starting just after the final boss fight and work its way back to the beginning. 


Dozens. A roleplaying system designed for quickly introducing new players into the hobby. Character sheets are 3 sentences long and there is only one die to roll (it’s a d12, the name probably gave it away



These are crowdfunding campaigns that I headed or took part in:

On those days, in these times, RPG System & Setting (Hebrew). 2020

On the Shoulders of Dwarves, podcast (Hebrew). 2014

Major Charity marathons

These are some of the main marathons I took part in:

The Ward (English). 2019

The Monster Hunters (Hebrew). 2016

UT4P Extra Life Marathon (English). 2016

The Emerald Spire (Hebrew). 2014


A partial list of lectures and workshops I gave at various conventions and evets.

Publishing your first adventure (Hebrew). 

Setup, Buildup, and Payoff (Hebrew). 

Creating a fictional city, a guide (Hebrew).  

Creating Setting, Characters & Plot in 45 minutes or less (Hebrew).  

Documenting your campaign like a pro (Hebrew). 

Awards & Recognition

Israel Olympic GMing contest (Hebrew). 1st place, 2011

Appleseed Academy. Acknowledging the charitable donation from charity marathons.

Stage Productions

Stage Productions that I took part in.

Lamabati Live. A series of over half a dozen improvise shows based on role-playing games and geek culture. Performed in various Israeli Sci-fi and fantasy conventions. 

A Published Adventure. A “‘who’s line is it anyway” style comedy show in the theme of D&D. Performed Icon 2014. Creator & GM. 


The Stairwell System

(or “How to remember everything that happened in the session”) In episode 18 of On the Shoulders of Dwarves I’ve briefly mentioned how I use