How this list came to be? I and my partner were looking for ways to pass the time on long car rides. I’ve made a list of Improv games fitting for two people in a car ride and then open the question to the good people on Facebook and got plenty of other suggestions. 

Thanks, everyone who contributed to this list!

Here is the list of GAMES TO PLAY WHILE DRIVING.

driving in the car
Link to list


If one of these games is one you’ve invented, drop me a line so I could give credit where credit is due!

Of course, this list is incomplete, it’s mostly my favorite. If you think I’ve missed something or you have a suggestion to Improv one of the games – tell me. 

Also, You can see the comments thread that added many games on Facebook at

I used explanations for the more well-known games from the great website: Improv Encyclopedia, if you don’t know it you should definitely check it out.